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DriverAssist Product Capabilities

DriverAssist software has been designed to assist End-Users with ensuring the proper drivers are being used for devices connected to their Windows® based computer systems, herein defined as “What DriverAssist Does” and listed below. Also listed below are the functionalities that DriverAssist does not have (herein defined as “What DriverAssist Doesn’t Do”) to ensure full disclosure of software functionality to potential customers and registered End-Users.

What DriverAssist Does:

For Evaluation Level and Registration Level End-Users:

  • DriverAssist (‘Software’) can be downloaded and installed on a compatible Windows® PC.
  • The Software can be used, with limited function, for evaluation purposes and without charge to the End-User.
  • The Software can scan for devices connected to the End-User’s PC, and compare the age of a currently installed driver against the most recent version from the Software Database.
  • The Software can scan for devices connected to the End-User’s PC, and compare the age of a currently installed driver against the most recent version from the Software Database.
  • DriverAssist settings can be edited and provide the End-User with options to control whether the Software runs at PC startup, if the Software should display alerts when pressing the close button, and the chosen language of the End-User.
  • The End-User can also choose whether or not to scan for system devices and unplugged devices in addition to automatically selecting all items for update after scanning, and detecting new devices connected to the computer.
  • DriverAssist can be scheduled by the End-User to complete scans on a one-time basis, every day, every week, or only as desired by the End-User. The End-User can also choose to run scans on specific days of the week on any given time.
  • DriverAssist can be easily uninstalled from any Windows® PC.
  • DriverAssist can interact with a secure server to transmit data relevant to the day-to-day use of the Software on the End-User’s PC.
  • DriverAssist can determine if a license key entered by an End-User is valid or invalid by communicating remotely with a secure server.
  • DriverAssist can also transmit important information, such as expiration of product license for presentation in software, viewable by the End-User in the About Tab.
  • The End-User can submit a support ticket, and chat with live agents within the Software.

For Registration Level End-Users:

  • DriverAssist can download any updated drivers from the Software Database and attempt to host an installation of said drivers on the End-User’s compatible computer system.
  • The End-User can select and confirm which, if not all, drivers are to be updated.
  • DriverAssist can also provide links to manually install drivers that have been downloaded from the Software Database. This is particularly helpful for drivers that may require End-User participation to customize driver settings upon installation.
  • DriverAssist can create restore points for previously installed drivers before proceeding with any changes resulting from use of the Update-All function.
  • The End-User can adjust the backup and restore settings from within the Settings tab in the Software. End-Users can opt to automatically create restore points, prompt to create a restore point before replacing drivers, or to not create a restore point at all (not recommended).
  • The End-User can select the directory on their PC that they would like to store Software hosted driver downloads.
  • The End-User can choose to have DriverAssist download new drivers automatically.
  • The End-User can control whether or not a prompt for system restart appears after a driver has been installed on connection with use of the Software.

What DriverAssist Doesn’t Do:

Please note that unless specifically noted above, DriverAssist does not provide any additional functionality to the End-User. Items listed below are shown for informational purposes only and does not imply services listed are a conclusive summary of functions void from DriverAssist software.

  • DriverAssist does not detect viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, worms or other material security threats to the end End-User’s PC.
  • DriverAssist does not defragment the system’s hard drive, nor will it defragment any drives connected to the computer.
  • DriverAssist does not open unknown files.
  • DriverAssist is not intended to diagnose hardware faults or other hardware issues on the End-User’s computer system, nor does it have the capability to repair hardware fault related issues.
  • DriverAssist cannot be installed on any mobile devices, tablets, Linux® or Apple® based operating systems. Accordingly, DriverAssist cannot find drivers for devices that are not originally compatible with the Microsoft Windows® platform.

Advertising of Product Capabilities

SafeBytes Software Inc. believes in responsible advertising practices. In some cases, we allow partners (Affiliates) to promote DriverAssist software on their website(s) or in their advertising campaigns. SafeBytes Software Inc. performs random audits on partner websites and advertisements to ensure they remain compliant with national and international best-practices, as well as to ensure they are properly representing the capabilities of DriverAssist software.

Any End-User or potential End-User of DriverAssist software is urged to report instances of product misrepresentation to the SafeBytes Software Inc. Compliance Department. SafeBytes has strict advertising policies for all partners; any partner found to be misrepresenting the capabilities of DriverAssist will be either temporarily suspended or completely banned from participation in our affiliate network.

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